Pink grapefruit tiramisu verrine

A creation by Antony Fernandez

Pink grapefruit tiramisu verrine

Lemon Joconde sponge

Mix together the ground almonds, sugar, eggs, flour and the semi-candied lemon.
Beat the egg whites with the sugar.
Combine the two mixtures. Add the cooled melted butter.
Bake at 220 °C for 7-8 min.

Pink grapefruit compote

Heat the puree to 40 °C.
Pour in the sugar/pectin mixture stirring constantly.
Boil the mixture for 1 to 2 minutes.
Remove from the heat and add the gelatine.
Add the chopped pink grapefruit segments. Cool.

Mascarpone cream

  • Mascarpone - 300 g
  • Sugar - 120 g
  • Egg yolks - 4
  • Cream - 300 g
  • Pink grapefruit zest - 2
  • Water - 35 g
Place the mascarpone in a container at room temperature. In a saucepan, bring the water and sugar to the boil at 112 °C. Add the zests. Beat egg yolks until creamy. Make a sabayon by pouring the hot syrup onto the yolks.  
Whip the cream to soft peak stage.
Mix the sabayon and mascarpone together then add the whipped cream.