Apple Love

Recipe for 16 molds

Joconde biscuit
Green apple jelly
Strawberry coulis
White chocolate and mascarpone mousse
Red chocolate glaze

Joconde biscuit

  • Egg white - 143 g
  • Granulated sugar - 170 g
  • Flour - 54 g
  • Corn starch - 3 g
  • Almond powder - 170 g
  • Eggs - 243 g
  • Granulated sugar - 34 g
  • Salt - 2 g
  • Clarified butter - 31 g

(Total weight: 850g)

Mix almond powder with flour, corn starch and salt.
Whip eggs with granulated sugar.
Whip egg whites with sugar until meringue.
Mix all preparations together and add clarified butter.
Pour into the mold and bake for 10min at 155°C.

Green apple jelly

(Total weight: 500g - 30g per form)

Mix sugar with pectin NH.
Heat green apple puree with trimoline to 40°C and bring mix of sugar and pectin to a boil.
Add the fresh green apple cubes inside the coulis.
Cool down.
Then pour into the bottom of the silicone molds (sphere diameter: 48mm) then put in the freezer.

Strawberry coulis

(Total weight: 1,500g - 15g per form)

Mix pectin NH with sugar.
Heat strawberry and raspberry purees with trimoline.
At 40°C, add mix of pectin and sugar and bring to a boil.
Remove from stove and finish with lemon juice and gelatin mix.
Cool down, and pour into a silicon mold (half sphere diameter: 40mm) then put in the freezer.

White chocolate and mascarpone mousse

  • Milk - 97 g
  • White chocolate Ivoire - 182 g
  • Gelatin mix - 36 g
  • Lime zest - 1 g
  • Mascarpone cream Elle & Vire - 98 g
  • Cream - 86 g
  • Vanilla pods - 1 g

(Total weight: 500g - 28g to 30g per form)

Make a ganache with white chocolate, add the gelatin mix and lime zest.
Cool down to 28°C and add whipped cream, mascarpone and vanilla.
Mix gently until mousse consistency.

Red chocolate glaze

  • Water - 150 g
  • Granulated sugar - 300 g
  • Glucose syrup - 300 g
  • Condensed milk (unsweetened) - 200 g
  • Dark chocolate - 63 g
  • Gelatin mix - 160 g
  • White chocolate - 300 g
  • Cold nappage miroir (neutral glaze) - 150 g
  • Red color powder - 5 g

 (Total weight: 1,560g)

Mix all ingredients in a hot food processor (water, sugar, glucose syrup) and cook until 103°C.
Add gelatin mix, the chocolates and finish with neutral glaze and color (red and brown).


Add the green apple jelly at the bottom of silicon molds (sphere diameter: 48mm), add 1 layer of almond sponge and the strawberry coulis.
Insert, close the sphere and fill with the mascarpone mousse.


Remove the apples from the molds and glaze with the red chocolate glaze.
Add a ring of chocolate green, a small sheet of green almond paste, a green chocolate stem and a gold leaf.