Chocolate mousse and passion fruit-apricot compote

A creation by Jean-Marc Gaucher

Chocolate mousse and passion fruit-apricot compote

Recipe for 2 entremets 

Chocolate mousse
Passion fruit-apricot compote
Chocolate almond sponge

Chocolate mousse

  • Fresh cream 35% - 115 g
  • Cacao Barry Inaya Dark chocolate - 260 g
  • Cacao Barry Alunga Milk chocolate - 60 g
  • President Whipped cream 35% - 450 g
  • Gelatin - 2 g
Warm the fresh cream and add the melted gelatin.
Pour the hot cream on the 2 chocolates and make a ganache.
Add the whipped cream to the chocolate mixture.

Passion fruit-apricot compote

Warm the purees to 40°C and add the sugar and the pectin. Bring it to a boil.
Mix the eggs, sugar, custard powder and corn starch.
Pour the hot milk on the mixture and bring to a boil.

Chocolate almond sponge

  • Almond paste special cooking (marzipan) - 300 g
  • Icing sugar - 112 g
  • Egg yolks - 188 g
  • Egg - 100 g
  • Cacao Barry Cocoa powder - 90 g
  • Cake flour - 90 g
  • President unsalted butter (melted) - 90 g
  • Egg whites - 280 g
  • Sugar - 113 g
Combine the almond paste with the icing sugar in a Robot-Coupe.
Add the eggs.
Combine flour and cocoa powder.
Make a French meringue with eggs whites and sugar.
Add the meringue in 2 goes in the eggs mixture, then the flour and at the end, the melted butter.
Fold carefully.


  • Cacao Barry Praline hazelnut-almond - 220 g
  • Cacao Barry Alunga milk chocolate - 100 g
  • Cacao Barry Feuillantine - 250 g
  • Canola oil - 10 g


On 1 layer of sponge, put the compote, then the crispy and finish with the chocolate mousse.