Citrus Donut

Donut dough
Semi-candied lemon-orange cream

Donut dough

  • Flour - 100 g
  • Salt - 20 g
  • Sugar - 60 g
  • Yeast - 20 g
  • President unsalted butter roll - 150 g
  • Egg - 2 g
  • Meadow fresh milk - 530 g
Mix all the ingredients except for the butter for 5min at slow speed.
Add the butter and mix for 6-8min at a fast speed.

Dough temperature: 25°C.
First rest: 30min.
Scale: 35g.
Second rest: ca. 1 hour.
Deep fry at ca. 170-180°C.

Semi-candied lemon-orange cream

Combine the puree with the butter and bring to a boil.
Mix the sugar, eggs and custard powder and add it to the hot mixture, then bring to the boil.