Litchi Cake

Recipe for 30 cakes – silicon molds half sphere mini 

Mix vanilla litchi cream

  • Mix cream vanilla - 500 g
  • Litchi coulis - 200 g
Total weight: 700g
Heat up the litchi coulis to 25°C and mix all preparations together until you get a Chantilly (whipped cream).

Mix vanilla cream

  • Gelatin mix - 18 g
  • Cream 35.1% - 400 g
  • Vanilla pod - 3 g
  • White chocolate - 79 g
Total weight: 500g 

Bring to cream with a vanilla.
Add the chocolate, blind and finish by the gelatin mix.
Store at 4°C for 24h before whipping.

Litchi coulis

Total weight: 250g 

Mix corn flour with water. 
Bring the litchi puree to a boil with corn flour and add the gelatin mix in the end.

Pink coating

  • White chocolate - 357 g
  • Vegetal oil - 95 g
  • Pink color - QS
  • Roasted coconuts - 48 g
Total weight:  500g

Mix all ingredients at 40°C, finish with the color and roasted coconuts.
Use at 28°C.